An integrated program that seeks to define innovation and creativity in entrepreneurship by transforming a concept to reality; building promising generations of entrepreneurs in the process, who are capable of innovation in a competitive environment. This guides your children to the path of developing into future visionary entrepreneurs and, eventually, owners of distinctive and state-of-the-art businesses.

Unleash their ideas and talents and contribute to their creativity and innovation by participating in the Future Entrepreneurs Award – one of the initiatives designed for the future generation, through an integrated program that seeks to define imaginative revolutions in entrepreneurship, as a concept, thought, practice, and implementation.

Join us and let’s work together to support promising generations of entrepreneurs who are able to innovate and invent in a competitive environment that embraces all that is creative, innovative and inspired by our children.

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The Future Entrepreneurs’ Award will be held after the end of the exhibition, and the final evaluation by both the Higher Assessment Committee and the public. .